apaR Hair Salon Services

We believe that your time in the salon should not be dictated by packages and offerings. Creating a look that is quintessentially you requires time and a conversation to understand your likes, dislikes, personality and lifestyle.

Though we also realise that many people who have not experienced the apaR way of doing things want to understand the types of services our studio can offer. And so, we offer you our service menu…

Style Cut

Hair is like a human fingerprint, there are no two clients the same.

The art of cutting a clients hair comes down to understanding texture, the condition the hair is in, how fine or coarse it is, as well as your expectations and lifestyle.

There’s no doubt though, a good style cut can change your image, lift your self confidence and give you the boost you’ve been looking for.

Semi Permanent Colour

Thinking a colour change but not sure how it’s going to look?

Semi permanent is your answer. These colours are designed to wash out within 8 - 10 shampoos, giving you ample time to gauge how you feel towards your new colour.

Permanent Colour

For the clients who are set on their colour choice, and for those who might like to cover a bit of grey hair that’s appeared over time, a permanent colour is your go to choice.

Designed to ‘grow out’, a permanent colour stains the hair and allows the colour to sink deeply into the cuticles ensuring even tones.


Looking for some subtle highlights to ‘break up’ your colour?

Maybe some bolder colour statement pieces through your hair?

This is where the magic of foils comes in. We section the hair according to the desired effect and apply the selected colour.

The outcome of foils can range anywhere from a totally natural, blended look, through to bold and in your face…
The choice is yours!


Balayage comes from a French word meaning ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’.

It’s an extremely popular technique for providing natural highlights throughout the hair that appear to ‘melt’ in with the overall colour.

Balayage done correctly is only applied to the top of the hair, and not saturated all the way through, creating that ‘sun kissed’ look so many of us crave.


Where Balayage is the transition from dark to light, ombre means ‘shaded’.

Ombre relies on the same technique as balyage, the difference being though we take the colour all the way through the hair.

It is a fantastic option for those clients who like ‘low maintenance’ or people trying a colour out for the first time.

Wash and Blowdry

Everyone fancies a little preening now and then. Whether it’s for a special event or dinner with the love of your life, nothing provides that extra bounce in your step quite like a professional wash and blowdry.

From classic straight to sassy curls, it really is your choice.

Men’s Styles

The men in our lives deserve something better than a 10-minute cut. Just like for ladies, there is a real art to creating the perfect style for our men.

Whether it’s crew cut, a taper and fade, a quiff or a pompadour you deserve to see a stylist who can create the type of look that suits your personality.

Kids Cuts

Every parent remembers their child's first hair cut. Sometimes we think it can be more traumatic for the parents than it is for the little one!

That’s why at apaR we have a range of tricks up our sleeve to calm even the most nervous parent or unwilling child.


Looking for a little insta glamour?

Or maybe you’d like to add some fashion highlights or increase the volume of your hair…. Look no further than extensions.

As the fusion of hair and fashion has become more prevalent, there is nothing stopping you from rocking short short hair one day, to Beyonce length the next. Whatever the look you’re hoping to achieve allow us to help you attain it.

Keratin Smoothing

Tired of frizzy, difficult to handle curls?

Then Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment is the answer you’ve been searching for!

Using only the highest quality ingredients that won’t break or damage your hair our Keratin treatments will leave your hair silky smooth, stronger, healthier, and more exquisitely beautiful hair that lasts for months.